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tv   [untitled]    May 8, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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it is happening under a democratic administration. they will protect the unprotected when working class and the middle class. the 5% credit-card charges, it has nothing to do with san francisco. how would this happen? the yellow cab co.? what they give a free and electronics? it is questionable. >> i work for the yellow cab. i will mention two things.
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the first is that most of us will have them out. every night, we're going without food or money. they're not paying the costs for the charges to us. the second tinhorn is, [unintelligible] this will cost five% at least. >> i am here to point out and does the diversity of the cab drivers here. asserted smiling at 3:00 in the morning where the first report of this was going to be blowing up. it was reported everywhere. when you see this many drivers
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of different nationalities, different races, different countries showing up before you, you know it is serious. to understand that due process was not given to these drivers horn of coordination with them, something is wrong. this credit card issue, he said not to charge the driver's the fees. you should look at that. and it should be molded into how the industry works. last but not least, they schedule the town hall meetings. i'm glad they changed the schedule, but who really care? >> i have been driving 28 years
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with the taxi have sent francisco. i would like to mention about the level of drivers that they freely parked everywhere. yellowstone, wide zone, red zone. beside the other day said not to park. why do they not give them tickets? they give us the ticket because they had to drop somebody by the by the zone or the bus zone that is taking maybe 10 seconds. it will force them not to park illegally or to get the ticket. thank you very much. gosh i work for yellow cab
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company. it was not on the schedule. i came to join today as a program. as i was joining the line circling around city hall, i was not driving into the side a taxi. i was driving a personal car. investors just like everybody else. he asked me to pull over. a s them what i have done. he said to just pull over. the guard around the circle? he said over. he forcefully pulled me over and started cutting my hands against my car at the same to give me
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your driver's license. i said i was just joining the procession. [chime] director nolan: thank you, sir. we appreciate your testimony. >> there are many things to say. time is very short, i will say it very quickly. the 5% units, and customers had not discredit that. they will pay all the time. if they want to pay for we want to pay, and it will still charge all the time. i dunno -- the other question
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is, there are 400 medallions wasn't like that. if the city is busy, what will we do in the short time? they shouldn't care about it. the third question is, the meters and the gates, that is what they're charging. they will do something. >> good afternoon. one thing about electronic waybill is that if the store and formation, it is our privacy in
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our rights. i believe they don't want any of these and any private company's database. we don't need tracking devices in our vehicles. [applause] bernanke. -- good afternoon. >> i look at your faces and it seems like you guys don't care what is going on over here. if you guys get in my cab, i will surge to 5%. we will pass the costs to you guys. the city might turn just a fee.
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why can the city charged the administration fees? we cannot charge our customers. >> i think you're going to need more than two town hall meetings. operating out here is of very good way to make policy. things have to be discussed over a long time to find some sort of solution. green cat doesn't have to pay. why does everyone else have to? why can't yellow also do it? i would like to point out that yellow and the other cab companies are already illegally charging their drivers. they should not be able to charge other 5% of top of that.
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blessing the letter crowded was out of context. she was not saying it was her opinion of cabdrivers, it was the public perception of cabdrivers. i have never met anybody more concerned and more respectful of cabdrivers and she is. director nolan: phelps in the back? >> if there is anyone else i like to address the board, step forward at this time. >> one minute or two? director nolan: one. >> to the old president, i
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thought this was a democracy. i thought it was a democratic process. i thought was a free market. i have to believe that for a long time. the texas commission merged and they were bad enough. but they could have been fixed. the used to say all the time, that is unacceptable. you are unacceptable. we don't need a town hall meeting to tell you that. it is a waste of time, energy, and money. now you guys personally, but the only be a year or two.
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>> i am eric brooks and a grass- roots organizer in san francisco. i have also been an organizer of the country for various campaigns and i can tell you that what is happening to these drivers is just a microcosm of what is happening all over the country and all over the world. the rich are getting away like bits and every time something has to go up in price, the little guy has to pay. in wisconsin, ohio, michigan, this is happening all over the place. they have not been rising up in san francisco until today when cabdriver's shut down the civic center and their proline going to make good on their promise to shut down cab service in the city if folks don't change things. there are any union members watching this program, learn from the cab drivers. this is like the great
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depression. you need to rise up and help the cabdrivers get benefits. the unions need to get in on this. [applause] >> i am with these invoices go cabdrivers' association. i have disagreements. but she has done more research and learned more about that any other regulator i have seen in the 23 years. with that said, the credit card charges should be passed on to the passengers. we will end up paying for these backseat monitors that are advertising vehicles that we're paying for whoever is in selling these things. i just don't like the intrusive
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nature of this. under the guise of regulation, we're being treated like employees, we want to be tracked with electronic monitoring waybill systems. we have these cameras that recorded audio and video out. some managers are listening to our conversations in the video. you're leaving yourself open for a lawsuit. they are illegal. >> you have heard this over and over today. we are, in reality, employees. they could hire or fire us at will. i don't know how you and the city and the states have allowed them to get away with this. the millions of dollars that you have lost from tax revenue that
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they should have been pay is amazing to me. don't get so focused on these little issues that you forget about the big thing that is really going on here. that these guys are making out, raking in cash. this is a cash business. they say those -- they say so themselves. director nolan: people in the other rooms know about all of this? >> they have got to the south court and we will make another announcement a there is anyone in any of the other meeting rooms that would like to address the board, please come to room 400 at this time. >> when the gunman, i believe. >> i m and operator. i have a different attitude and a different viewpoint.
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our card is a business license to operate. we are small businesses in the city of san francisco. i have yet to get a certificate this year that i got every previous year that says i have the right to operate. you have the right to tax a. and i don't think you have a right to say that i have to take a credit card. and beyond that, you certainly don't have a right to say that i am required to this care of my services by 5%, because that is what you're asking me to do. i should get the whole amount of money at that time. how does what it is all about. you better start looking at us as a small businesses, which is what we are.
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director nolan: i will declare the public hearing part of this closed. hong >> there are a few more. there are some people doubt in the south side court. why have let them know that if they wish to address the board, come up now. they have been formed. >> i've been a taxi driver the last three years. i am here and i've just surprised. we're ready to pay all of the fees. if the employer, we are ready to pay the fees with all the benefits. we will follow the rules. that is not justified you guys come up with the idea. this is like a dictatorship.
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>> anyone else care to address the board? come ford, please. >> [unintelligible] in the japanese technology, they had too much connection to the government. they are expanding their business. now they paid the price. they put the public interest above the public. nobody wanted it. they just put it in. it costs a lot of money. we don't even know who they are.
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director nolan: we appreciate your testimony. there will be no action taken by this body. we will get back to that in a second. there are these town hall meetings, there are two on each day. the first session from 5:30 to 8:30. i can assure you that we will take very seriously the of what we received as we have this afternoon. there'll be no action today. a seventeenth will be the next meeting. we urge you to come and have some fruitful discussions that those town hall meetings. >> good afternoon for everybody in the city.
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they have 200 and of dollars, i have $80. they have five times more. i will collect after 18 years and pay more. everything, please help our future children. have -- [unintelligible] [chime] director nolan: one suggestion was that these agendas be posted
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so that drivers can get copies of this. there is no reason to oppose them today because it was not a scheduled item. but on the seventeenth, it will be. maybe we can optimize people's time on the day. i am not sure, but it will not start before whatever time that is. we'll come up with a time that it will not start before that. thank you all for your participation. we appreciate you being here this afternoon. let's take a 10 minute brbr >> we are not going to hear from the citizens of by azeri. good afternoon again. we are back in session. >> if members of the public
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could fees -- could please find their seats, the board of directors has come back to order. chairperson nolan: we finished the executive director's report this afternoon. citizens advisor council is not here. i am going to ask the we move to the rest of business. we have had quite a lot of public comment already. >> mr. chairman, we do have a request that i can 10.1 -- items 10.1 l and m be severed. these are items that will be considered on a single vote unless there is a request to consider one separately. chairperson nolan: how about a motion on the consent calendar?
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is there a second? all in favor? so ordered. let us hear l and m. >> two minutes? is that the time from you would like? chairperson nolan: ok. >> barry toronto. >> good afternoon. chairman and fellow directors, i am here to address this issue because i know you have had some problems regarding parking in the quick to our area -- coit tower area. i want to know how this affects taxis. cabdrivers as part of tours will sometimes bring tourists or visitors or conventioneers or conference in tandy's for a quick visit. the must be a way of somehow
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alleviating taxi drivers from any no-parking issues, especially if they are only going to be there for five or 10 minutes. there must be a way of getting dispensation for the fact that it is a major tourist site. how do people get there if they don't know how to get there and don't know the bus system, and don't have a lot of time because of a quick visit? i think it is important to either create a temporary taxi waiting some or something, or to not have parking officers be vigilant and ticket cabdriver's for parking briefly while somebody takes pictures or a visit of the site. cab drivers do not go there by themselves to hang out. they need to make money. sitting there in a place that is far out is not going to necessarily make the money. there may be fares to pick up. there may be somebody who needs a cab and does not know where to
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find a bus. i would appreciate it if you could work out something in the legislation that gives some dispensation to cabdrivers, especially on the weekends, when more and more people have time on their hands. maybe they need to attend a business meeting and have time on their hands before or after their events starts. i hope you can take that into consideration. >> can you give the board a little more background on why we are doing? >> good afternoon, mr. chair, members of the board, mr. ford. this is the third year that we are doing a pilot. the last year you may remember the reported back and it was pretty successful. the muni travel times on the 39 bus decrease significantly, and
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the writer ship has gone up almost double. the level of congestion in the entire area has decreased significantly because now there is no incentive for a line of vehicles cued up on telegraph boulevard to get up to the top of the parking area. we would recommend making this permanent this year. but the recreation and park department, who own the facility above, asked us to do one more year of trial. they have a change in vendors at the coit tower and wanted the extra year to be able to analyze the data for the sales volumes and so forth. we accommodate their request. in terms of taxes, -- of taxis, the parking is restricted to residents with rpp permits, but
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taxes are allowed to pick up and drop off. it has not been an issue for the last two years. >> i do not think this issue is so much that he is dropping -- i do not think there is any dispute about that. occasionally visitors want to go for 10 minutes. if you have been there recently, and i have, it is about a 10 minute visit. he is saying he wants to make sure that this is not some way that times are going to be precluded from waiting or circling. i do not have a view one way or the other, but i am not sure that concern is one you have answered. >> i am not sure. i know for sure there is not a separate cabs stand up there. there is a white zone area in front of the entrance. i think as long as the cabot is
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attended -- as long as the taxicab is intended and actively waiting, i do not think we have an issue with them hanging around. >> thank you. chairperson nolan: any further discussion? next item. >> item 11, the cooperation agreement with the treasure island development agency, adopting california environmental quality act findings related to the development project. you do have members of the public here who wish to address you. chairperson nolan: we had an excellent written presentations and to us already. -- we had an excellent written presentation sent to us already. >> i wanted to make a comment in public speaking in the last item and a question was asked so i could not make a comment.
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this was on the last item. chairperson nolan: go ahead. >> i am a taxi driver, yellow cab for 23 years. a native san franciscan. my name is peter whitt, like the trolly. i got a ticket in march. i got three tickets in march. one of those tickets was at a bus stop. i was on duty. i was dropping off, picking up, or stopping for a flag because i was appointed the opposite direction. i got a ticket in the mail. i was not stopped i believe at all for more than seconds. if at all parian -- if at all. i usually go toward the downtown area. this was a ticket pointed the other way on the other side of the street. it is in a neighborhood i go through when i start my shift.
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the time was correct. but i don't make a u-turn to get a bag of potato chips. i am on duty. when i get in my cab, i don't stop until i take a dinner break. a work continuously for five or six hours at a time. that does not jibe. just for the record, a 10-minute stop or a five-minute stop to take pictures, or a two-minute stop -- they have been giving tickets by the second, and without any warning. i think that is the most important thing. i would have got his pco number. i does wanted to clarify the facts. i can assure you that ticket if you would like. i am on my way to the supreme court, 850 brian. the mta little guy